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Excessive tiredness or fatigue is not in itself a health condition, but when it is in combination with other symptoms, you need to watch out! This is why, when we feel excessively tired, we don’t really give it much thought, except that we slept less or that we have been doing too much running around. But what if this is actually the sign of some health issue, and feeling tired is a symptom of the same?

These are 5 health issues you could be suffering from if you always feel tired


This is one of the most common health conditions that most people, especially women, suffer from when they also have excessive fatigue as a symptom. A few other signs you can watch out for are digestive issues such as constipation, weight gain, feeling cold too often, dry skin condition, and so on.


Many people brush this off as nothing but feeling lazy, but if you are suffering from chronic fatigue symptoms, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, it will start interfering with your daily routine. This condition can make it impossible for you to do simple daily tasks, such as getting out of bed, making a cup of tea, going to the office or to pick up kids from school, and so on. Other signs can also be feeling disoriented and body ache.


If you snore while you sleep, it is time to get yourself tested for sleep apnoea. This is a condition where your airways get blocked or constricted, as a result of which you are not able to breathe through your nose as you sleep, and end up snoring and breathing through the mouth. This causes sleep disturbances and makes you feel tired throughout the day.


Have you noticed an increase in how thirsty you feel of late and do you also need to urinate more frequently than you did before? If yes, and if you are also feeling tired all the time, this could most likely be because of diabetes. If you have diabetes, your body will be working overtime to manage the amount of glucose that is present in your blood, and as a result, you feel tired.


Depression is one of those very common, yet sadly one of the most ignored mental health conditions, that affects so many people on a regular basis. Depression can not only make it difficult for you to carry out day to day tasks, if not treated on time, it can also result in serious consequences, such as self-harm or hurting someone who you are looking after (especially in case of primary caregivers such as new mom or dad, or if you are looking after a sick family member).


Other symptoms could be a loss of appetite, eating too much, sleeping too less or too much, not interacting with others, feeling sad, and so on.