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What causes STOMACH ULCERS and Reasons Why It's Hard To Treat.

Peptic and duodenal ulcer disorders are caused by a bacteria called H. pylori. This is a bacilli bacteria that attacks the wall of the stomach. By doing this, it makes the mucosa layer susceptible to the acidic environment. That's why people with ulcers experience some burns and abdominal discomforts. Here are things you have to watch out:


Kind of medication you take:

Some people mistake this symptoms. Hence they go to local chemists to buy flagen drugs. These kind of medication can't stop the bacteria from affecting you. The right medication one is to consider include but not limited to: Omeprazole ,tinidazole etc. Depending on your severity, the doctor may advise you to buy H. pylori kit.

Foods you take:

Some people would still develop recurring ulcers because of what they eat. If you continue with diet you were warned about, expect the worse. Sukuma wiki and beans are very common foods consumed. They are acidic in nature and would affect you even when on ulcer medication. One needs to stay away from them for medical reasons.

Psycological issues

stress. Stress reduces gut motility hence reduces your appetite. When this happens, you go on empty stomach allowing hydrochloric acid to damage your walls. They say stress causes ulcers, however, it only contributes to it's severity. If have the condition, try to relax your mind and ensure you eat well. This will make you better and prevent the bacteria from recurring.