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5 Foods That Lower Risks of CANCER.

So Can some foods lower your risk of cancer? According to some scientific researchs, some foods contain beneficial compounds that may help reduce the risk of cancer. This includes foods like:


Fruits and vegetables. According to a 2017 reviewTrusted Source, fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. These compounds can help protect your cells from oxidative stress and DNA damage.


Nuts. A 2015 studyTrusted Source found that nuts may help reduce inflammation and cancer risk.


Beans. Beans are rich in fiber. According to a 2015 studyTrusted Source, fiber may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.


Whole grains. Whole grains are associated with a lower risk of cancer, according to a 2020 reviewTrusted Source. Whole grains, like quinoa and brown rice, are rich in fiber and antioxidants.


Fish. Fish offers healthy fats called omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats may lower the risk of some cancers by reducing inflammation, according to a 2014 studyTrusted Source.


The bottom line

Processed meat, overcooked foods, and fried foods may increase your risk of some types of cancer. That’s because these foods may contain carcinogens, or compounds that cause cancer.

Alcohol produces carcinogens when it’s metabolized by your body. Dairy, sugar, and refined carbs may also raise the risk of some types of cancer.