The Internet has had an enormous impact on the way people shop, do their banking, make investments, plan travel, and even how they pay their taxes. In the vast majority of cases, the experiences have been positive. Online shopping allows you to find items — which are sometimes hard or impossible to find in local stores — and typically get the lowest possible price by comparing prices with a variety of merchants. Yes, there are risks associated with shopping online, but they can be managed. Besides, there are also risks associated with driving to a store to make purchases.

Online banking and investing is another great convenience. With a click of a mouse or a touch of a smartphone, you can transfer money between accounts, pay bills, and make investments.


Why Study about the Internet?

√ To understand what the Internet is, the services that it offers, what is required in order to get connected, as well as to establish a connection and log out of the Internet.

What is the Internet?

v It is a large no. of connected computers (or a large set of computer networks) linked together that communicate with each other, over telephone lines.

v It is a worldwide computer network connecting thousands of computer networks, through a mixture of private & public data using the telephone lines.

v It isa worldwide (global or an international) network of computers that provide a variety of resources and data to the people that use it.

v Internet refers to a global inter-connection of computers and computer networks to facilitate global information transfer. It is an interconnection of computers throughout the world, using ordinary telecommunication lines and modems.

The Internet uses VSATS (Very Small Aperture Telecommunication Systems) such as Telephone lines, Satellite.