Birth Control Pills and P2: Here Are Important Facts That You Didn’t Know About Them As the name suggests, these are pills that prevent pregnancy hence parturition. They are taken daily and incase of emergency intimacy, we use postinor-2 (P2). They are in form of small sized round pills that are taken according to the doctor’s prescription. These pills usually contain progesterone and estrogen. These are female sex hormones that control the menstrual cycle. As fact remains that the cycle ranges from 30-35 days with ovulation happening on the average…


It is not porn. Many ladies be suffering silently because they shy off from exposing issues with their privacy or they don’t have someone to tell.Some rush to OTC drugs with improper diagnosis. Lets unmask it and save that girl child from health complications that could be otherwise avoided with confidence!. Let’s face it—there’s a lot that can go wrong . From itches and odors to bumps and bleeding, sometimes it seems like you need a manual. Here are some of the signs that something is wrong down there…Vaginal health issues are more common than you think. Infections can occur in the vagina and/or the vulva. There’s really NO reason to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about this issue. A healthy vagina is the result of good hygiene and maintenance of the normal pH balance in the area.Women of all ages can be affected by vaginal infections or vaginal diseases. These can include yeast and/or bacterial infections.Normally, the vagina houses good and bad bacteria. The former is responsible for maintaining an acidic environment that deters the growth of the latter. When the normal vaginal pH balance is disturbed, infections a multiply.Other factors responsible for vaginal irritation and infections include hormonal imbalance, misuse of antibiotics, use of external irritants, and of course, poor hygiene. Certain infections can be transmitted sexually by infected sexual partners.Mentioned ahead are a few common vaginal issues that women experience and what
you can do about them.