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Every trader dreams of a broker that resonates with all their needs. A broker that creates an optimum environment for traders to grow their accounts whether small or big. A broker with no hidden fees and costs. A broker that gives you control of your money with fast and efficient transaction executions. If you doubt that such brokers exists try XM Global, and you will never be disappointed.

Why Choose XM Global ?

1.They provide the easiest and fastest account approvals.
The first challenge that almost all traders experience is getting their trading accounts approved. No one likes a lengthy and complicated approval process. If you are looking for a broker with a simple, transparent and straightforward procedure for account. Then XM Global is the way to go. They don’t ask for much details to approve your account. With only your simple ID or Passport, they will validate your account in less than 2 days. Check our next article on how to get approved for more details.

2.Attractive bonuses and promotion programs.
One reason why most traders are switching to XM Global for good is their bonus program. No broker in the market is offering anything close to what XM is giving you.
XM no deposit bonus: as of the time of writing this article XM is offering a no deposit bonus of $30 to new clients 24 hours after completing registration. As opposed to other brokers, XM has very minimal requirements for withdrawing the profits from this bonus.
100% first deposit bonus: XM Global will double your first deposit in form of a credit balance to help you open more trades.
50% bonus for each subsequent deposit: for deposit amounts below $1000. XM will give you 50% bonus every time you deposit until you exhaust your bonus of $500.
20% bonus: for deposits above $1000 until you exhaust your bonus of $4500.
XMP bonus: for each standard turn around lot you complete XM rewards you some loyalty points. Accumulated points can then be redeemed either for a trading bonus or cash. However, the XM Points expires after a specific period of inactivity; 30 days for Gold status, 60 days for Diamond status and 100 days for Elite status.
Kindly mote that these bonuses are time bound and XM reserves the right to change them any time in future. Traders should make use of such offers which are hard to come by in this market.

3.Fast and seamless deposit and withdrawal options.
If you happen to be in East Africa, No deposit or withdrawal methods beats MPESA and Skrill. Who needs a withdrawal or deposit method that takes hours or days to go through? XM offers you these two methods for both deposits and withdrawals.
Other deposit methods are VISA and Bank Transfer which are still a good choice.
XM doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal fees. In fact they cover all your deposit fees and will convert your money to your base currency for free.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are only for educational purposes and do not constitute financial advice. Ensure you research and consult before making any trading or investment decisions.

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