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Last month, some artists scooped millions worth of ETH into their accounts from the sale of NFTs.

Let’s review the top selling pieces.

#1. Ringers ( Serial No. #109) 

(Sold at 2100ETH worth $6.94 Million.)

Ringers #109 NFT became the the most expensive NFT of the ART Blocks project. The piece was sold  at OpenSea marketplace  to an unknown collector who bought it back in March this year at around $230. The individual therefore  collected a profit of  over $6.9 Million.

#2. Pepe the Frog NFT Genesis

(Sold at 1000 ETH worth $3.53 Million.)

This internet meme consisting of a frog name Pepe was sold on marketplace to Starry Night Capital who bought it at $1M (420ETH). That means they raked in over $2 Million in profits.

#3. Bored Ape Yacht Club (Serial No. #8585)

(Sold at 696.96ETH worth $2.69 Million.)

This piece consisting of an ape wearing a king’s crown and heart-shaped sunglasses became the most expensive NFT in the Yacht Club collection. It was sold Tuesday 19th October  OpenSea marketplace.

#4. TIME the Future of Business (Beeple Edition)

(Sold at 675ETH worth $2.42 Million.)

Is one of  Beeple’s expensive artwork collection.

Buyer: Undisclosed   Seller: Han, who bought it at $320K

Profit: over $2 Million

#5. CryptoPunk (Serial No. #1422)

(Sold at 500ETH worth $2.01 Million.)

This is one of CryptoPunk’s hoodie like artwork series.

Buyer: Undisclosed

Seller:  Ethan Waivly in 2017 at 0.25ETH ~ $75

Profit: over $2 Million.


(Sold at 469ETH worth $1.91 Million)

Buyer: @StarryNight_Cap on SuperRare Marketplace

Seller: XCOPYART      Profit; Undisclosed

#7. CryptoPunk (Serial No. #4992)

(Sold at 450ETH worth $1.8 Million.)

Seller:  initially bought it at 61ETH  ($196K)

Profit: over $1.6 Million

#8. Bad Flavour 

Sold at 515ETH worth $1.76 Million.

This piece of art was sold by the artist Oficinas TK on SuperRare  marketplace to raise funds for helping other crypto artists.

#9. The Eternal Pump (Serial No. #11)

(Sold at 450ETH worth $1.61 Million.)

This masterpiece which was created by the artist Dmitri Cherniak  of Art  Blocks Playground platform was bought by ViewsJaded on OpenSea marketplace.

#10. Bored Ape Yacht Club (Serial No. #5199)

(Sold at 424ETH worth $1.58 Million.)

This is another series of the Yacht Club Collection. The NFT collector had initially bought it at 5ETH ($2949), implying that the individual made over $1.5 Million in profits. This made it the 3rd most expensive piece of the Bore Ape Yacht Collections.


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