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The biggest risk factor that causes both sexual and reproductive health problems is unsafe sex. Women with ages 15-44 in developing countries are considered to be at the greatest risk and are often the target of government-initiated reproductive health services.As much as we talk of the rights, lets make the public aware of a woman’s reproductive health; they conceive the world hence need respect and appreciation. I condemn the cases of rape and defilement especially to our girls at 10-18 yrs. This may cause early pregnancies, psychological traumas, depression and possible abortions ; this is threat the woman. To add on that, for the girls, be very vigilant when you are at your active reproductive stage largely influenced by adolescence. Adults too need to watch out to their daughters, give proper parental care and guidance in nurturing this reproductive health.



Both breast and cervical cancers are the most common types of cancer that inflict women. Breast cancer is mainly triggered by factor like:lifestyle, alcohol, bad nutrition, smoking, and avoiding fitness activities. For cervical cancer: multiple sex partners, bad hygiene, multiple pregnancies, and low nutrition, are the risk factors. This is why these cancers have claimed life of many women: 

.Lack of awareness about these cancers.

  • They realize to medication and seeking treatment when the conditions go worse, irreversible stages.
  • Poor nutrition and health immunity boosters to affected people.
  • Lack of financial support especially when it comes to expensive surgeries,radio and chemo therapies
  • Survival highly depends on vaccination, early detection through screenings, and treatment.




Fibroids are abnormal growths inside the uterus that can grow up to several kilograms. I have developed interest in knowing more about this fibroids. We are currently processing a lot of histological samples consisting of fibroids. They are becoming real night mares to women’s heath. Although menstrual pain is pretty much expected by a lot of women, it is encouraged that a doctor be sought especially when the pain is accompanied by very heavy bleeding. Fibroids could be the culprit behind it.  While they occur naturally, large ones may cause pain during sex, urgency in urination, and even infertility to some women. Still, eliminating this needs medical intervention because each day this growth increases and imposes a lot of complications. For the expectant mothers, its good to go for examination proir to your delivery. presence of fibroids will definitely prompt you to Ceaserian section unless otherwise.


Complications during pregnancy and childbirth continue to claim the lives of a lot of women. These complications are preventable and deaths could be lowered if women have better access to family planning services as well as basic maternal health services.

As I have talked earlier about fibroids, Yes; they complicate normal delivery. So a woman needs more care and get rid of this. Also, our expectant mothers are highly encourages to do Ante-Natal Care (ANC) profile tests to safe guard the her health and that of unborn child. I join the word in campaigns that reduce mortality rate,mother’s deaths during delivery and other health complications that arise during delivery. Expectant mothers also need proper nutrition for the better health. Alcoholism and substance abuse are strictly discouraged to safeguard the life of unborn baby. Abortions are to be condemned unless a concrete reason has to be there.


This are infections transmitted through sexual intercourse. Untreated STI are drastically leading to: The increasing number of stillbirths, early fetal deaths, and newborn deaths. While gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis are transmitted through unsafe sex, new cases of HIV infections are blamed on the disturbing trend of intravenous drug use. Study shows ladies are prone to contacting STI than men, in fact almost five times.To curb this, the expectant mother needs to have VDRL(Syphilis test) and HIV test to safeguard both the mother and the baby. For the youths, abstain from sex or have protected sexual activities.


Having a shorter urethra is the reason why women are more prone to developing urinary tract infections than men. Basically, germs can easily travel upwards to the bladder and cause cystitis when the lower urinary tract is affected and pyelonephritis if it is the upper urinary tract that gets affected. Both can cause a burning sensation during urination and a woman may also have a high fever in severe cases. You need to have urinalysis tests to monitor this 10 factors in urine:

  1. pH                                                                         6. Bilirubin
  2. Leukocytes                                                           7. Urobilinogen
  3. Blood                                                                    8.Ketones
  4. Glucose                                                                 9.Nitrites
  5. Specific gravity                                                    10.Proteins

Each factor above signifies something in urine. ie glucose change on urinalysis strip indicates possible diabetes while that on nitrite is for bacterial UTI infection. Blood in urine unless the sample is contaminated with menstruation, that indicates possible hemorrhage of the urinal tract.


Anemia is basically loss of blood especially red blood cells. Heavy menstrual bleeding, pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies, and poor eating habits are most likely to cause anemia in women. While the condition can be corrected, those who chose not to mind it will experience extreme tiredness, skin paleness, brittle nails, and shortness of breath even with simple daily activities. We all know that red blood cells are responsible for carring oxygen round the body, so the deficiency of it, results to shortness of breath and low hemoglobin levels. this is dangerous. Anemia can be corrected through diet that aims in boosting haemoglobin levels,iron levels in the body. Infact when a woman is on her periods, she needs to take a lot of water and succulent foods/fruits to replace the blood lost through menstruation. 



Contrary to common instances where middle-aged men are pictured out as soon as heart diseases are mentioned, these ailments affect women too. In fact, a lot of women die from heart disease than both breast and cervical cancers. Increased use of hormonal contraceptives is a major factor leading to heart illnesses. This mainly affects the reproductive age of women since they be trying to shield unwanted pregnancies, some use this contraceptives with wrong prescription. Other factor include: irregular meal times, lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking and alcohol abuse; something that has become rampant to this generation.


This is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone, or both. As a result, bones become weak and may break from a fall or, in serious cases, from sneezing or minor bumps. The main cause is decrease in estrogen levels– a hormone that builds and maintains the bones.Weak bones lead to fractures. Vitamin D deficiency and low calcium in the diet are also the culprits for osteoporosis. Women, especially those who are active are required to have plenty of essential nutrients that are needed to have healthy bone health. Iron, folic acid, calcium, and exposure to sunlight are a must as well as maintaining a healthy weight, minimizing alcohol intake, and avoiding cigarette smoking.


Another common misconception is that arthritis is more common in men. The truth is that women are more widely affected than men especially those who are above 40 years old. Arthritis affects the joints where the cartilage succumbs to wear and tear or an overactive immune system causing inflammation to the area. The victim feels joint pains. Lifestyle is a major factor that determines this condition. Lack of exercises, taking foods with high concentration of bicarbonate leads to arthritis overtime.Old age too can contribute due to weak immunity and possible autoimmunity of the body. Its therefore important for one to have rheumatoid factor (RF) tests in the lab. 


More than the painful emotional effects of depression, the condition is actually physically debilitating where a woman fails to function normally. Hormonal changes are most likely to blame why there are more depressed women than men. Baby blues or postpartum depression is very common and affects almost 80% of new mothers. Hormonal imbalance, mainly experienced by women leads to depression. They are also susceptible to stress that would results from relationship issues, family issues, marital violence, financial constraints and society. Depression is claiming the life of most women who would prefer to commit suicide when they can’t decide otherwise. There is increase in deaths associated with relationship affairs to teenage peers. Ranging from suicides due to heartbreaks to murdering of partners due to loyalty betrayals. A woman needs to be careful on this. its always advisable to #SpeakOut. A problem once shared is half solved.



This is a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. Obesity often results from taking in more calories than are burned by exercise and normal daily activities.Obesity occurs when a person’s body mass index is 30 or greater. The main symptom is excessive body fat, which increases the risk of serious health problems.Being overweight and obese generally yields a multitude of complications like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, menstrual abnormalities, infertility, miscarriage, and increased risk for infections. It is highly suggested for women to stay fit by being active through regular exercise and to always follow a balanced and healthy diet to reduce weight and avoid developing obesity.


It is important that every woman take time to learn and understand about these health issues. Being informed is the only way to encourage anyone to take preventable measures, like a major lifestyle change, in order to keep these illnesses at bay.


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TheBig Isaks alias Isaac Ogutu is a medical student who has invigorated passion in health and wellness research & awareness. I have wrote many articles concerning the topic to devotedly help people. You can frankly find them on this

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