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Some secrets need only your heart confidentiality. Us human beings have tendency of jealousy therefore unpredictable. Today am building your foundation, tomorrow am the same same leading in demolishing the foundation we built. Better have your foundation laid by your own before inviting anyone else,

Secrets are great to share but are greatest if they are shared by the right people. Now who are the right people? Human being behavior is unpredictable, as much nice he or she may appear. Therefore the right people are:

(a). Yourself: What character of kind are you? This will be directly applicable to how you select people to share with your secrets

(b). Your Friends: Which are characteristic behaviors of your friends? Are they sincere or hypocrite, do they execute their agendas behind your back? Do you believe in them? If yes, then up to which level?

(c). Environment: Matters a lot since us human being shrink and camouflage to fit the environment. This environment matters in a way that test your friends’ loyalty to the secrets shared. As much as we interact information flows, then how is the information flowing? And How are you facilitating the information flow over various environments?

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