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The world is going digital where companies lay off workers on the basis of automation systems that multi-handle job tasks. But educational systems are busy manufacturing human resource to initiate and process the job tasks in various fields. The point is clear that the greater % of the educational process fundings community is involved, so what do we take back to them? Retrenchment? because of computers? NO let the automated systems create environment for human initiation process so that the whole work force is absorbed. For instance, the painful story while retrenching is that :

  1. The society contributed to the education Process of the people being retrenched so they expect returns

  2. The people being retrenched have or are contributing to education process of the “SMALL PEOPLE”

  3. The people after education process are more than the People being retrenched

In my view automation is good but reconfigure the systems to accept human initiate at stage of any process. Maybe the question will be then What is then use of having these systems? The following are the answers

  1. The company should not work on 100% profit but also consider the community of its workers

  2. Every automated system should require human intelligence initiation

  3. Introduction of these systems are to facilitate the efficiency of the human work force NOT reducing them

  4. The human work force should be consulted, trained and equipped with knowledge of Automation systems Handling.

  5. The company retrenching to have a package stipend until the Contract falls due

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