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Having HIV is Not A Death Sentence, You Still Have Life



The fact remains that HIV has no cure. That should not worry you. A lot of people fear walking into Voluntary Counseling and Testing (V.C.T) for HIV testing. When they do, they are scared of this outcome – positive result. Those who turn out negative become happy, celebrating all the way. If that’s so, kindly test after 3 months to re-confirm your status. When the two red lines appear, that doesn’t show the end of the road. You still have life. Infact plenty of it.

The lethalness of this virus is overrated. Most people who get to know they contacted it have horrible reactions. Some had suicide thoughts or attempts, revenge, murder etc. It’s not worthy doing that. Accepting who you are is so far the best remedy.

Let’s fight stigma and depression that engulf this People Living With HIV/AIDS (P.L.W.H). This is what kills them faster than the virus itself. The society might view them as disadvantaged. It is inappropriate to do so. Give them encouragement, peace of mind, fun and health food. You will see how jovial and productive they are in the same society.

On the same note, nowadays those who have the virus are put on antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). This gives a ray of hope. It has been noted that abiding by the dosage makes the viral load in blood reduce. Over a time, the individual might test negative. This is because of reduced viral load but it doesn’t mean the virus is gone. He/she can still infect others.

With this medication, it’s really hard to distinguish a positive and negative one. Its an added advantage. So don’t fear that you will get emaciated. In fact it has been reported that some are of better heath than before. All you need to do is to accept the condition. Many people have it, so probably you are not the only one sailing the boat

The government supports P.L.W.H. This is to counter the financial constrains they may go through. In addition to that, initiatives, Non Governmental Organisations( N.G.Os) etc are there to help these people. Helping may be through small scale business,improved farming, animal rearing and counselling. The children born with it are also supported academically.

Finally, you don’t have to fear that you will bear infected children. Proper delivery procedure will yield a non-infected child. With all that covered, embrace your status. Always remember to abstain, use protection and be faithful. Also, font revenge by infecting others. It’s immoral and unethical. Eat well, take drugs and live happily.

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