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Today most people suffer from prostate cancers, breast cancer,blood pressure, heart attack and other ailments. This can be prevented through the food they consume. Eating healthy is the baseline for therapies of all ailments. On the same note, careless eating habits may lead to dangerous diseases i.e diabetes. Here are the foods a one is recommended to eat.

This is a far much beneficial food to all genders. It reduces fatigue. It has antibacterial properties. Garlic also enhances absorption of vitamin B1. This encourages metabolism of carbohydrates to produce energy. People need more energy for daily activities.


The red ripe vegetables are ideal for health. They protect prostate in men. Prostate cancer is so common in old men. To prevent prostatis, a man is highly encouraged to feed on tomatoes. For the ladies, its ideal for breast development. Fight breast cancer. You may choose your preference: either cooked or raw sliced ones. In general, their nutrition value is not of big difference.

Sea foods

This is for sperm quality: Sea foods like oysters contain zinc. The mineral salt is essential for improving men sexual function. It’s stew is highly nutritious. Ladies too can benefit from this as source of protein. In addition to that, one is also encouraged to feed on fish products. This is to elevate the level of zinc in blood.

Plenty of water

This is recommended for brain health. People engage in a lot of physical activities especially during the day. This may cause dehydration through sweating. The water lost needs to be regained. Hence a lot of water and fluids need to be taken. They say one should drink at least 8 glasses of water.


One should feed on nuts. This foods have Vitamin E which lowers level of cholesterol. The later is responsible for heart attacks. Hence we are all recommended to have nuts in our diet. In addition to that, they are very good source of protein.

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