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The food we eat on daily basis has alot of importance to the body. They range from metabolic processes like protein anabolism and energy production. Of this low key processes, here comes immunity. Our body needs strong immune system to fight off diseases and for protection. Budgeting for the right groceries in your stock can be challanging. Not all foods you can buy can be really useful in providing immunity. Here are perfect examples:

1. Spinach

The grean leafy kale like vegetable is highly nutritious. It’s rich in antioxidants far much than kales. Antioxidants are chemical components that increase the infection-fighting ability of our immune systems. They also reduce lethal levels of cholesterol in the body. To have specifically nutritious spinach, cook it as slightly as possible. Overcooking denatures the vitamins in provides hence the antioxidants. It can be eaten with other means e.g meat

2. Citrus Fruits

These are succulent fruits we often buy and we are proud of how they taste. When Covid 19 pandemic struck,people were being advised to feed more on fruits. That’s scientifically logical since these kind of fruits have Vitamin C. This vitamin is much essential in promoting immune response, strengthening it and making it effective. Example of such frits include oranges,lemons grapes etc. They are usually sliced or blended and taken raw.

3. Garlic

This is a whitish clustered spice that’s commonly used in the kitchen. It brings aroma and a sweet sensation in food. Eating raw garlic has been an ancient method of fighting common cold. It’s effective since it activates the body immune response towards fighting common diseases and infections. Effectiveness of this spice is usually when it’s taken in larger amounts. It can be taken raw or cooked together with other foods. Garlic has strong scent and it’s also used as insecticide when combined with ginger.

4. Ginger

This is a root like spice that’s very effective in fighting stomach conditions. It’s antibacterial and that’s why it can be used in place of anti-inflammatory drugs to fight inflammations caused by bacteria. This properties make it highly immune booster and supporter. It’s has been noted that taking a cup of ginger treated fluid daily boosts your immunity by 20%. You can take raw ginger by cutting it into small pieces, blending or preparing it as a spice.

5. Yogurt

We all love yogurt but we might not be having same immune effect. Plain yogurt is highly nutritious and effective than flavored ones. This is because the flavored have additives, sugar and other chemical fortified substances that may be irrelevant. The plain one has antibiotic and antioxidative effect which is natural. Just incase you want to sweeten it, don’t rush for voluminous amounts of sugar, use natural honey instead. This makes it more blended and effective in boosting your immunity. This product is ready available both locally and commercially made at an affordable price.

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