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Birth Control Pills and P2: Here Are Important Facts That You Didn’t Know About Them
As the name suggests, these are pills that prevent pregnancy hence parturition. They are taken daily and incase of emergency intimacy, we use postinor-2 (P2). They are in form of small sized round pills that are taken according to the doctor’s prescription. These pills usually contain progesterone and estrogen. These are female sex hormones that control the menstrual cycle. As fact remains that the cycle ranges from 30-35 days with ovulation happening on the average for 3-5 days.
How They Work
They increase cervical mucus thickness in such a way that it doesn’t allow sperms to penetrate to uterus. Thus low or no sperms can reach the oviduct, low sperm count cant cause pregnancy. The chemical hormones also impact the uterine wall to prevent implantation. They also cause delayed ovulation hence reduced pregnancy chances. Pregnancy happens as a result of ovum fusing with a sperm, when this biological process is delayed, that means there will be no conceiving. This are prons and cons of birth control hormonal and P2 pills.
1.One may have lighter periods due to delayed cycle.
2.She is also likely to have reduced cramps.
3.Gaining weight is also advantage due to the steroid nature like hormones.
4.Lastly, there are reduced risks of ovarian conditions and anaemia due to less frequent menstruation.
1.The body may over react and cause instances of blood clots,
2.High blood pressure and headaches are also reported in some women.
3.Furthermore cases of nausea and prolonged use have led to infertility.
4.Lastly, it doesn’t prevent you from guilty, STI and HIV unless used together with a condom.
Always practise safe sex, remember faithfulness or abstinence can be used.
Nowadays there are both male and female condoms.

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